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Our Services

The Five Prime Group is an independent, full-service media and information company committed to delivering effective strategies and execution for its client.

We focus on your business to reach beyond the traditional media markets to capture new and emerging market segments. We offer you the opportunity to deliver a simple yet effective message to groups of consumers that are often overlooked by the mainstream media.

You get more than just another media agency but the whole package, adding more value to your hard earned dollars. You’re not only buying advertising and promotion but access to untapped markets.

The Five Prime Group can manage your media planning and buying from the proposal phase thru execution. We will locate the media sources that fit your needs, create proposals, perform cost analysis, and manage insertion orders in addition to creative delivery and trafficking.

We provide solutions that seek to deliver an audience that is genuinely engaged to increase sales, establish brand identity and drive customer traffic into the business or solicit a response for your organization or institution.

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The Five Prime Group
Radio Network

This is our network of radio stations located in various geographic regions, states and nationally broadcasting The Five Prime Group products. Our flagship product of daily health tips (A Healthy Second with Dr. Ronnie) is provided for broadcast on traditional stations and internet radio. Also, provided are information programs that include “talk & discussion shows” on healthcare issues and other topics of public interest (i.e., legal, education, financial, etc.) Our major area of expertise is broadcasting from years of experience in operating radio stations.

Website Products & Services

There are a number of websites associated with The Five Prime Group products and services.

a) Information Sites: The premier site is the A Healthy Second with Dr. Ronnie and is dedicated to daily healthcare tips and related information for users. This is similar to the Facebook site that posts tips daily.

b) Commercial Sites: The primary function of these sites is to provide healthcare and related information to a wide audience of users. The subject matter of the sites will vary and is driven by user and client specific needs.

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TV/Cable and Webcast Products

The Five Prime Group partners with media companies, non-profits and individuals to provide a wide range of TV/Cable and webcast products.

The Five Prime Group contracts with advertisers and promoters (institutions, firms or individuals) to manage their overall media deployments and budgets for targeted demographic groups. We provide a “one-stop” total media solution for events, print, web, TV/Cable, and radio. Also, we will partner with clients to advance our mutual goals and interests while providing media solutions.

The Five Prime Group provides media solutions that meet client requirements to generate revenues while for others to enhance “goodwill & branding.” These products and services are:

a) Printed materials (brochures, newsletters, articles)
b) Speakers’ bureau on relevant subject matter
c) Health fairs, seminars, & similar forums
d) Promotional materials (tee-shirts, souvenir cups, lanyards)

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